Why us?

The Medical Devices of Medical Products of the Californias main objective is to foment the interactivity between the companies of the sector through events, activities and dynamics that we ourselves organize to promote their development and so that they can establish links with the industry.

The cluster is formed by the most important companies and institutions of the sector and we have contact with approximately 70 medical devices companies located throughout California and Baja California.

The events in relation to the medical products sector that promote the interaction between the companies involved are very limited, for this reason the main objective of the Cluster is to be an organization of intermediate representation that can be a means that promotes the interaction between the companies of the sector and its stakeholders.

The cluster in a traditional way carries out throughout the year different events, courses, exhibitions, conferences focused on the development of the medical products industry. To these events, the 70 companies of the sector, our associated suppliers and to the organisms involved are all invited to each event we organize.

Our recognized events are:

  • Our traditional monthly meetings

  • Regulatory Forum for Medical Devices (Cofepris & FDA)

  • University Forum of Medical Engineering

  • Medsummit of medical products


With more than 50 affiliated companies in 2016 the Clúster received its bronze certification, in the delivery of certificates under the ESCA methodology awarded by the "European Cluster Analysis Secretariat" to the organization that demonstrates its interest in seeking excellence as a Cluster.


Privacy Policy

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