Ing. Miguel Ángel Félix Díaz Alonso

Founding member and Treasurer of the Medical Products Cluster

Director General of Quality Assemblies of Mexico, which is his own company.
More than 30 years of work experience in the maquiladora industry
He was President and now board member of the Association of Human Resources of Industry in Tijuana, A.C. (ARHITAC)
Engineer in Communications and Electronics, National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico D.F.

Ing. Angel de la Campa

President of the Medical Products Cluster

Medtronic Supply Chain Director
Industrial Engineer with 33 years of experience in manufacturing industry in Mexico and the United States.
Industrial Engineer and Systems at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies.
Master's Degree in Gestalt Psychotherapy at the INTEGRO Institute in Guadalajara.

Ing. Socorro Macias
Vice President of the Medical Products Cluster

SR Manager of QA / RA in Welch Allyn,
Responsible for the area of ​​Quality Assurance in Medical Products Companies for more than 15 years
Chemist graduated from the Autonomous University of Baja California
Senior evaluator of the Baja California Institute for Quality.
Experience in handling FDA audits and Certifications of Notifier Bodies (ISO)
Ing. Rubén Miranda

Secretary of the Cluster of Medical Products

Managing Director of IntegraBiotechnial S.A. Of C.V. (PROVIDIEN)
More than 17 years of experience in the medical products industry.
Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Administration from the Pan American University and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Management from Harvard University Extensions School.


To be the regional cluster with greater concentration of development and manufacture of medical products in the American continent



To increase the economic spill and level of competitiveness of the Baja California Medical Products industry.





Strategic Mental Map:

The Medical Products Cluster is carrying out the new 2012-2020 strategic plan, which is focused on increasing the level of competitiveness of the medical products industry in Baja California, working in the following strategic lines:



Our History

The Cluster of Medical Products began its activities in 2003, reason why already has more than 10 years of presence and trajectory in the medical industry. From the beginning of our activities, we specialize in fostering interactivity between companies in the sector through events, activities and dynamics.

Over the years we have created new agreements and alliances that strengthen the medical industry. From 2003 to 2004, the Cluster held initial meetings of representatives of industry, related to the integration of a study and elaboration of a strategic plan for the medical products industry of Baja California, with the objective of knowing about the needs of the sector


In 2005, a diagnosis was made of the medical industry in the state and the strategic plan of the Cluster was published, thus defining the vision of the clustering of medical products. And by the year 2006, the Cluster is legally conformed as the "Industrial Association of Medical Products of the Californias, A.C."
One of the main agreements that the Cluster had was for collaboration and impartation in conjunction with UABC of the training program "Administration of Projects of Continuous Improvement" in 2007.


Since 2008 the Cluster of Medical Products has organized the Day of Provider now known as "MedSummit" which is an event that aims to bring together important regional companies focused on the manufacture of medical devices requiring inputs, components, materials and services With its specialized commercial counterparts, thus promoting the integration of suppliers in support of the region's economic development.
In 2010, a market study was carried out to attract a sterilization project in Baja California.

In 2012 the Medical Products Cluster updated its Strategic Plan 2020, which is focused on increasing the level of competitiveness of the medical products industry in Baja California. A collaboration agreement with Cetys was signed this year. And began the process of installation of the first sterilizer by E-beam in Baja California.

The Cluster, in 2003, signed a collaboration agreement with UTT, the President of the Industrial Association of Medical Products of the Californias, Eng. Angel de la Campa Pérez-Sevilla and the Rector of UTT, Mr. Miguel Ángel Mendoza led the firm, through which training courses and diplomas will be offered to the active members of the Cluster.

This year the Cluster coordinated the 1st University Forum of Medical Engineering in the city of Tijuana, in coordination with the institutions that make up the Alliance for the Development of Engineering.
The Cluster of Medical Products of the Californias was present at the II Binational Workshop of Clusters of the Mega Region in 2014.
In 2015, the Cluster held the conference: "All in One vs Traditional Eo Processing" with the presence of more than 60 engineers from various local companies.

Proudly, the Medical Products Cluster in 2016, received its bronze certification, in the delivery of certificates under the ESCA methodology (European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis) and held the 1st edition of the Regulatory Forum for the industry of Medical products of Cofepris.

Organizing events that foster the relationship between companies in the medical products sector is the center of who we are and what we do. At present, we continue exploring opportunities of the sector, promoted in promoting its development and in his case that manage to establish and to strengthen the bonds with the industry.


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